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Best Moth Control Service in Greater Vancouver Area. Moths are a group of insects very much related to butterflies. Although unlike butterflies, these things prefer to work at night and in less daylight. This is because they are only attracted to artificial light. One theory about this is called the transverse orientation by which a moth maintains an angular relationship to the moon which allows them to fly in a straight path. Moths mainly differ through butterflies because of their antennae which are feathery unlike a butterfly's. These creatures are considered to be one of the major agricultural pests in the world. They cause extreme damage to forests, crops and farms in tropical and subtropical climates. Some of their kind would even feed from fabric such as clothes, blankets and wool.


It's mainly because some moths prefer to feed on silk or anything that has fiber content. When it comes to survival, these things have reflex capabilities in order to avoid being eaten by larger predators. Moths have ultrasonic frequencies that trigger their system instantly allowing them to change altitude in order to keep safe from an attack. Some of their kind also has abilities to track their predators' echolocation through emitting clicks and frequencies. Moth Removal, Moth control service


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