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Looking for Ant Control Service? Call Fraser Valley Pest Control for effective Ant removal from your residential or commercial place. Ants are very common structural pests in British Columbia. There are so many kinds of ants in the world. We have Carpenter ants, Pharaoh ants, Odorous house ants, Cornfield ants, Thatching ants and pavement ants in BC. Carpenter ants are big black ants 6-13 mm long. They make main colony outside in the moisture wood, tree, woodpiles, rotting stump, fence posts, garden ties etc. And they make satellite nest inside structure wall. in ceiling, under outdoor siding, along drain spouts near the roof line etc. Pharaoh ants are small in size 1.5-2 mm and pale yellow in color. They prefer warm, moist conditions and have very large colony, containing up to 300,000 individuals and several queens. Odorous house ants are small black 2.4-3.3 mm long ants often found in kitchens in early spring. They can make large colony and several nest sites, which are part of same colony. Cornfield ants are reddish brown 2-2.5mm long making nest in rotting wood. Thatching ants are different, some red and black and others are black, worker ants' range in size from 3-9mm in length. Mostly you see them outside in summer and as soon as cold weather starts, they jump inside with their eggs. Whenever you see them inside or even around your structure parameter, you need treatment. Ant Control Service Surrey Coquitlam Vancouver, Ants Removal Service


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